Miruna Lica aka Foodiva , is a strong new concept in Romania that features the modern way of women not just in the kitchen but how to look good no matter what.

If you want to learn how to cook and look good in the same time then you should have look over her new website blog & shop.


There were a lot of challenges along the way as we had to create a new brand with the existing one. Miruna Lica needed a new strategy and a plan to reach her goals: awareness and style .

Our first challenge was to combine the two brands together, that being her name Miruna Lica and Foodiva . We wanted to create a different style, not just for sale oriented, but more cooking & style oriented.
Our second challenge was to improve the existing blog website design to a fresh new design that will accompanied the new brand.

The final challenge was to incorporate a new shopping experience for the new collection of t-shirts that needed to represent some of the new brand mixed with some of the stories from the blog.

What did we do?

Reviewed the old 


Created a new, faster & safer platform


Improved the style & awareness


made it
{ better }

UX & UI Consulting

UX & UI Review

Product Design Sprints


made it
< real >

Design to go Live

E-Commerce CMR

UI Framewrok & Design Systems


made it
( greater )

Brand & Identity

Logo Branding & Guidelines

Social & Media Identity

Print & Web Graphic Design


What was the Solution?

adrste & Foodiva
Logo Architecture

adrste & Foodiva
Social Promo

To start a small buzz on for her social follower we had put together a small teaser that in effect has given to her platform a small idea for what is coming up.

This teaser has included the new brand logo to give to her followers an idea for what to keep and eye open once everything will go live.

Instagram viewers

adrste & Foodiva
Color Palette

A colour palette inspired by makeup and food with only 3 colours available, highlighting the elegance, simplicity and feminism of Foodiva, the main characteristic of the brand.

Orange Diva

Hex: #C65D52

Brown Diva

Hex: #793436

Pink Diva

Hex: #E66280

adrste & Foodiva
Font Guidelines

The word logo “Foodiva” has been crafted using Stix as the main base for the logo, with small alterations to the letter “v” to give that “diva” style and characteristics to the brand.

We had different font style to choose from but in the end we looked at to bring more elegance by using a serif font.





Titles & Subtitles

Playfair Display




Body content





adrste & Foodiva
Design System

Designing all the new components to highlight the simplicity style with the visual hierarchy of the content has proven to be a nice challenge, but in the end after implementing different design rules the overlook of the platform has started to gain shape.

Users needed to have a simpler and cleaner design that allows them to find the recipes much easier by the image than just the text so as a solution the covers component of each blog post (recipe) has been adapted to have a larger image with no text or shape overlaying on top, this giving the users the best experience that they deserve. 

The cover component for the recipe helped to define as well the new covers for the products in the shop section.

adrste & Foodiva
T-shirt Collection

Once the new brand and the shop section was finished, we have started to plan the next stage on the new launch, starting with some simple ideas by using stories related to Miruna to shape this new idea.

Once we had all of the names, the next steps was very interesting as it was combining the new illustrations that had a unique style with the new brand guidelines. 

adrste & Foodiva
Tools & Sistems :

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{ hosting & administration }

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