@project (start-year: 2017) and (end-year: Current)  {

.aboout-Friend-of-Friends {

client-name: Catalina Crisan;

project-type: Branding & Website;

website: www.fofpetcare.com;



.social-media {

facebook: @fofpetcare;

instagram: @fofpetcare;

linkedin: @friendoffriends;

youtube: Friend of Friends;



Friend of Friends is a place where the animals’ souls are blooming, a place that can be materialised by building the relationship between humans and animals and it also can be justified through the moments of care and affection “out of the house”.

The Friend of Friends has been created for the love of our friends, and its purpose is to maintain the happiness of the pets that we focus on, and of their owners that can get away the time problem.

We chose to do this because of the love that we have for animals and the pleasant feeling of having them around. ”The tail wags” are what we are looking for, even if it means rolling in the mud or rustling of treats pocket.


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Clean White

Hex: #fff;

Hex: #fff;

Hex: #fff;

FoF Purple

Hex: #283086;

Hex: #fff;

Hex: #fff;

FoF Green

Hex: #6FBE94;

Hex: #fff;

Hex: #fff;

Fredoka One
Open Sans

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